Raku Pottery by Steven Forbes de-Soule

American raku pottery is a unique and magical form of pottery.  I have been focusing on handmade raku ceramics exclusively for over 30 years and during that time have created a style which is genuinely distinct.  The process I use involves pulling a glowing hot vessel or sculpture from the kiln and placing it in a metal container that holds combustibles, organic materials such as leaves, sawdust, or paper.  The can is then covered, smothering the flames and acting as a reduction chamber.  This creates a unique reaction between oxygen, the specific glazes I develop and the clay minerals that I use.  It also affects the metal elements of my glazes.  The color of the glaze and the crackle are dependent on the amount of oxygen allowed during the firing and the cooling.  As oxygen is reduced, the reaction is forced to pull oxygen from the glazes, leaving behind a brilliant mix of beautifully colored pottery.  The results are always serendipitous and each piece of pottery I pull from the container is truly one of a kind!  For more information regarding my raku pottery process, please see my raku firing page.

Available Raku Pottery & Studio

My online store features all my latest raku pottery for sale, where you can see the complete range of my work including wall pieces, sculpture, vessels and ikebana. Feel free to click on a category below for more information.  New pieces are frequently added and all sold pieces are marked as such.  I invite you to come see my work in person, on display at Ariel Gallery in downtown Asheville, NC or at my studio in Weaverville.  

Recent Tour to Steven's Pottery Studio in Weaverville, near Asheville, NC

Recent Tour to Steven's Pottery Studio in Weaverville, near Asheville, NC


If you would like more information regarding my available raku pottery, my process, commissions or to schedule a time to visit my studio located in the beautiful mountains near Asheville, NC please contact me.  My studio is open 3 times a year, including a “kiln opening” event in the summer and semi-annually as part of the Weaverville Art Safari.  The dates for 2016 are: May 7-8 (Mother's Day Weekend) & October 29-30 (Peak Fall Color) 10 AM-5 PM.  Also, feel free to contact Sherry Masters at Art Connections Tours where she would gladly add you to an upcoming tour of my studio.  

WNC Design Guide

My ceramics have been featured in various publications and have been represented by galleries and museums nationwide.  I was recently chosen for the WNC Design Guide as part of a collection of top-selling curated artists from in and around Western North Carolina.  I continue to derive great pleasure in developing new glazes and consequently new looks and sizes for my raku pottery.  I am constantly adding new pieces as I explore these new glazes and techniques.  To stay up to date with all of my latest raku pottery and events, please see my press & news section or follow me on Facebook.  

Finally, please enjoy a video I created below to highlight some of my raku pottery and what inspires them! I am constantly adding new works and events so to stay updated, please sign up for my newsletter or keep in touch on Facebook.  Thank you and enjoy!